When to Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth

When to Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth

Posted by The Smartest Tooth Fairy on Jan 29th 2020

When to start brushing baby teeth

When to Start Brushing Baby's First Teeth

By The Smartest Tooth Fairy

When you see the first tiny tooth peek through your little one’s gums, it’s a game changer. Enter the world of crunching, biting, gnawing and, of course, smiling! A lot of things may go through your mind, especially wondering when to start brushing your baby’s teeth. We’ve got that answer and more to help you on your journey to ensure your child’s teeth are shiny and strong, now and into adulthood.

Each baby teeth timeline is different.

There isn’t really a set timeline when it comes to baby teeth. Some babies get teeth earlier than others. However, most babies will have at least one tooth by their first birthday. Once the tooth has arrived, you can start brushing it gently with a  kids toothbrush. When it comes to toothpaste, you can either use water or a small amount (about the size of a grain of rice) of kids toothpaste.

It's never too early to start good brushing habits.

No teeth? No problem. It’s never too early to start your little one on the path to good dental hygiene. You can start teaching them good habits for brushing teeth shortly after birth. Simply take a clean, wet washcloth and rub their gums to keep them clean and help introduce your child to a normal tooth-brushing routine.

Start prepping for your baby's first dentist exam.

Once you start brushing teeth at home, it’s time to consider taking your child to their  first dentist appointment. Most pediatric dentists recommend the first dental appointment happen once teeth appear around the first birthday, whichever comes first.

Make sure to make it fun.

Some children may fuss when you try to brush their teeth. That’s normal. Imagine having to learn a totally new skill like brushing teeth! Try to make the experience as fun and engaging as possible so they learn taking care of their teeth can be fun.

While losing their first tooth may be years away, introducing the  Tooth Fairy early can help motivate reluctant brushers to keep those chompers healthy, strong and shining bright. And, when they finally do lose a tooth, they’ll be excited about their first visit from the Tooth Fairy.