Where Does the Tooth Fairy Live?

Where Does the Tooth Fairy Live?

Posted by The Littlest Tooth Fairy on Mar 2nd 2020

Where Does the Tooth Fairy Live?

Where Does the Tooth Fairy Live?

By The Littlest Tooth Fairy

Where does the Tooth Fairy live, exactly? The short answer: Tooth Fairies live in little cloud houses next to Tooth Fairy HQ. For the long answer, let’s go back to the beginning of Tooth Fairy history.

As mentioned in our post on the  Tooth Fairy origin story, Tooth Fairies live in the clouds so we can be closer to the sky. Why? Because we love being as close as possible to where we came from – the stardust from a shooting star.

All day long we look for shiny teeth to light up the sky at night and remind us of our roots. So, we set up Tooth Fairy Headquarters high up in the clouds, and we live next door in cloud houses of our own. 

What is Tooth Fairy Headquarters?

Tooth Fairy HQ is a big, fluffy cloud building where all the Tooth Fairies go to learn about dental hygiene, train to retrieve lost teeth and put them into the sky, and compete on our mission to find the brightest teeth ever. Our days at HQ can be hard, but always a lot of fun. That’s because we love being with all our friends and lighting up the sky with healthy teeth that children all over the world give to us.

What Do Tooth Fairies Do All Day?

Like mentioned above, we train or play or go on tooth missions. When on a mission, Tooth Fairies retrieve lost teeth from the children we have been assigned. These missions are fun and the Tooth Fairies love bringing the shiny teeth back to Tooth Fairy HQ to see how bright they’ll be in the sky.

When not on a mission, we like playing with their friends, participating in cloud sports and telling stories about their latest tooth adventures. Most of all, Tooth Fairies love stargazing at night – especially when we see a shooting star.

Where does the Littlest Tooth Fairy live?

You may have heard about The Littlest Tooth Fairy made famous by the book. This Tooth Fairy lives alongside their friends in Cloud City, but in the littlest cloud house you ever saw. If you look closely at the clouds in the sky, and you squint, you just might be able to see The Littlest Tooth Fairy’s cute little home. If you haven’t heard  the story of The Littlest Tooth Fairy, you can hear it here now!