When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?

When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?

Aug 21st 2019

When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?


The first thing to learn is that every kid is different, so when and how kids lose baby teeth will vary. Every kid has two sets of teeth. Baby teeth, which the Tooth Fairies collect, and adult teeth, which they get to keep forever and ever – so make sure your kid knows how to keep them healthy, strong and squeaky clean!.

Each mouthful of teeth are different. Some teeth are ready to hop out of your kid’s mouth when they’re four, but sometimes the teeth are stubborn and aren’t ready to be given to the Tooth Fairy just yet. Totally normal!

Some kids don’t get to present their teeth to the Tooth Fairy until they’re seven or older, and that’s OK! All kids have about the same amount of baby teeth (around 20 on average), and they’ll all fall out and be replaced with adult teeth eventually. I did the calculations and once all your kid’s baby teeth have fallen out, your kid can expect to grow around 32 adult teeth. If my math is correct, and it always is, that’s 12 more than the average amount of baby teeth.

So, if your kid is four, five, six or seven, they may start to notice that first wiggly-toothed feeling. Right on schedule!

Why it’s awesome to lose your baby teeth!
It’s AWESOME for us Tooth Fairies (and your kid!) when baby teeth fall out, because it’s our turn to take care of them and put them in a very special place. (Find out what we Tooth Fairies do with lost teeth).Plus, if your child doesn’t lose baby teeth, they’ll never get adult teeth, which they need as they grow bigger and stronger. And if you thought your baby teeth were shiny, just wait until your kid’s larger, brighter teeth come in! Don’t worry, we’ll take really good care of their baby teeth. Pinkie promise.

Oh, and one more thing: Discover how to keep your kid’s teeth healthy and shiny, and enjoy fun games and activities along the way with Tooth Fairy In A Box.

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