When Do Kids Start Going to the Dentist?

When Do Kids Start Going to the Dentist?

Posted by The Strongest Tooth Fairy on Jan 15th 2020

When Should Kids Start Going to the Dentist?

It can be exciting when your little one’s first tooth appears. It opens a whole new world of solid foods and baby chew toys. Many parents wonder if little teeth need as much care as adult ones if they’re just going to fall out anyway. The answer? Yes. Your child’s dental hygiene is just as important as yours. In fact, teaching them how to take care of their teeth at a young age can set them up for dental success. A great way to start them on the right track is by visiting a pediatric dentist.

When do kids start going to the dentist?

Most kids’ dentists recommend taking your child for their first appointment when the first tooth appears. The timing on the arrival of the first baby tooth varies by child. Some have a whole bunch of teeth by their first birthday, while others take longer to develop that toothy grin we love so much. Usually, pediatric dentists recommend visiting around the first birthday, teeth or no teeth.

What will the first pediatric dentist appointment be like?

Your child’s first dentist appointment will probably be more informative than invasive. The dentist will likely talk to you about any concerns you may have and help show you how to clean your kid’s teeth properly, depending on their age. This first trip is a great time for your child to start developing a positive relationship with the dentist. So make it fun!

Worried about whether your child will be able to sit still for a full dentist visit? Dentists for kids know how to work with squirmy little ones. They’ll help you make it a positive experience!

Won’t the baby teeth fall out anyway?

While it’s true your baby’s teeth will fall out eventually, teaching them how to take care of their teeth now can help them develop healthy dental hygiene well into adulthood. You can even start before their teeth come in!

Simply take a clean, wet washrag and gently wipe your baby’s gums once or twice a day. This is often easier to do during bath time. Once the teeth come in, you can start introducing  a kids toothbrush and using kids toothpaste (as long as they meet the age requirements).

A great way to help your child develop good brushing habits is to introduce them to the Tooth Fairy. Check out  Tooth Fairy in a Box for a complete guide to making brushing teeth a fun experience in your household.