What is the Tooth Fairy Origin Story?

What is the Tooth Fairy Origin Story?

Posted by The Littlest Tooth Fairy on Mar 2nd 2020

What is the Tooth Fairy Origin Story?

What is the Tooth Fairy Origin Story?

By The Littlest Tooth Fairy

Children often wonder where the Tooth Fairy comes from. Today, we’re going to share the origin story and history of the Tooth Fairies.

Tooth Fairy Origin Story

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a shooting star shot through the sky and rained stardust down upon the Earth. There was something magic in the air that day and with a spark and a flash, the little specks of stardust transformed into bright, shiny fairies. For years these fairies felt a longing for the night sky, and they searched high and low for a way to reconnect with the place they were born.

One day, a spunky little fairy saw something shiny coming from a window in a small town they were exploring. This fairy saw that the glint and glow came from a child’s tooth that had fallen out and was resting gently on a pillow. “That’s it!” The fairy exclaimed. The fairy flew the tooth as high as it could in the sky and threw it into the air. The tooth stuck and began to shine like a big, bright star.

From that day on, the fairies (now Tooth Fairies) would search for the cleanest, shiniest teeth to help keep the sky nice and bright. They set up their  Tooth Fairy Headquarters high in the clouds (to be closer to the stars, of course!) and they live next door in little cloud houses. You can see them sometimes. Just look for the clouds that look like teeth!

How Many Tooth Fairies Are There?

The first Tooth Fairies were born long, long ago, but all of us current Tooth Fairies are related to them. How? Every time a Tooth Fairy retires, they get to become a star of their own. And since that star carries some of the old Tooth Fairy’s magic, when it falls, the stardust turns into a new batch of Tooth Fairies.

There are lots and lots of Tooth Fairies, old and young, and we all have different strengths. For example, there’s The Strongest Tooth Fairy, The Smartest Tooth Fairy, The Silliest Tooth Fairy – to name a few. And then there’s me: The Littlest Tooth Fairy.

How Can I Help the Tooth Fairy?

Good question. We Tooth Fairies need your child’s help to light up the night sky! Make sure they take really good care of their teeth by brushing and flossing twice a day and eating healthy snacks.  Tooth Fairy in a Box can help teach your child about good dental hygiene so they can provide their assigned Tooth Fairy with the brightest, shiniest teeth possible.