What Does the Tooth Fairy Look Like?

What Does the Tooth Fairy Look Like?

Aug 21st 2019

What does the tooth fairy look like

What Does the Tooth Fairy Look Like?

Because we only come collect lost teeth late at night, you’ve probably never seen a real Tooth Fairy before. So you may be wondering, what does a Tooth Fairy look like? Who’s sneaking around your room, rummaging under your pillows and looking for your lost teeth?

The first thing you should know is, just like no two children look exactly alike, no two fairies look completely alike either. Some are pink, or yellow, or green, or orange. And me? Well, I’m the color of the ocean, and the sky, and jeans - blue!

Some are short and some are tall, some are big and some are small (like me, I’m the littlest of all!) Some of us are grumpy and some are bubbly. Some of us can be shy and some are very noisy, like my friend the Loudest Tooth Fairy. Because we’re all so different, it’s a lot of fun when we’re all together.

But we do have some things in common, too. We all have tiny little feet perfect for tip-toeing around a quiet room to collect your lost tooth. And, we all have big wings that sparkle with glitter-dust and help us fly up to the night sky to drop off your healthy and shiny tooth (and hopefully win the grand prize. See  what Tooth Fairies do with the teeth here!)

We all wear a special Tooth Fairy uniform so if you do wake up and see us, you’ll know why we’re there. It’s white overalls with a sparkly tooth on the front, with soft boots and a fanny-pack with an extra-strength zipper. (The fanny-pack is where we keep your teeth so they don’t get lost while we fly!)

And there’s one more thing we all have in common: We love, love, love, love, love to collect healthy, shiny teeth!

Why do Tooth Fairies love teeth?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure why Tooth Fairies love teeth. It’s kind of a feeling.

Do you know that feeling you get when you get a hug from someone you love, or when you get to hold a cute puppy? That’s how we feel when we see strong, bright teeth. We love all teeth, but the sparklier, the better!

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