What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with the Teeth?

What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with the Teeth?

Aug 21st 2019

What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with the Teeth?

Do you and your child ever wonder what the Tooth Fairy does with all the lost teeth? We were, too! We sent a letter to Tooth Fairy Headquarters and this is what we got back.

Dear Wiggly-Toothed Kid,

What does the Tooth Fairy do with the teeth? That’s a great question, thanks for asking! No one ever asks me this kind of thing. This is highly top-secret stuff, real hush-hush, so please keep it in the “need to know.” Or, don’t — just make sure it’s not traced back to me!

So, first thing’s first: When you lose a tooth, an alarm goes off in Tooth Fairy HQ. The alarm will then print out a tiny letter telling us your address, your bed location and wether you've left the tooth under a pillow. (And if you’re hiding it somewhere else, like in a cup or another special place, like the Tooth Fairy in a Box door hanger!) Then, we have a Tooth Fairy that’s perfect for you come and collect your lost tooth. 

The Tooth Fairy sneaks in through the window, under the door, or sometimes by wiggling through a keyhole. Then they very, very, very gently lifts up your pillow or reaches into the door hanger, careful not to wake you up, and retrieves your tooth. The cleanest, strongest and most squeaky-clean teeth shine bright enough to light up a whole room, and these are the best teeth of all.

Before sunrise, the Tooth Fairies then carry the brightest, shiniest teeth up to the night sky and hang each one. If it’s nighttime, look up; you can probably see the healthiest, shiniest teeth there now. (Aren’t they beautiful?)

And as a very extra special surprise, the healthiest, shiniest, most brightest-shining tooth in the sky each night gets an extra special award.

And hey, if you’re wondering how to get your teeth shiny and healthy enough to go up in the sky, we’ve got some pointers on brushing your teeth here at HQ I’m happy to share. These are the rules all the Tooth Fairies follow when we brush our teeth. I’ve included these tips with this letter so you can learn how to brush your teeth like us!

The Smartest Tooth Fairy 

How to Brush Your Teeth

Step 1: Pick the right toothbrush. Some toothbrushes are too rough, some are too soft and some are just right. Find one that fits your mouth. (We think kids electric toothbrushes are the best!)

Step 2: Squeeze out some toothpaste . You don’t need a lot of toothpaste ! You want enough to cover all your teeth, but not enough to foam out of your mouth. About the size of a pea is just right.

Step 3: Brush your teeth for two minutes. Use a watch, a timer or count in your head! (One-Mississippi, two-Mississippi…)

Step 4: Rinse out your mouth. Don’t swallow it! Make sure to rinse out your mouth to get rid of any toothpaste residue.

Step 5: Smile wide and show your pearly whites! After all, happy and healthy smiles help make teeth beautiful (and shiny!).

Now that you know how to brush your teeth like us,   learn more health habits to keep your teeth strong and super sparkly.