Tooth Fairy Games to Teach Healthy Habits for Brushing Teeth

Tooth Fairy Games to Teach Healthy Habits for Brushing Teeth

Posted by The Quietest Tooth Fairy on Sep 11th 2019

Tooth Fairy Games to Teach Health Habits for Brushing Teeth

Hey, it’s me, the Quietest Tooth Fairy. Lean in, I’ve got a secret... Helping your child learn how to keep teeth healthy and strong doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, with  Tooth Fairy In A Box you and your child can enjoy Tooth Fairy games and activities specially designed by me to help keep teeth healthy and sparkly. If you’ve got the voice for it, read these instructions aloud to your child. Or, if you’re shy and quiet, like me, and your kid’s a good reader, print them out and tape them to the bathroom mirror so your child can look them over. Happy brushing!

Teeth Brushing Goals Chart and Stickers

Give yourself a big smile in the bathroom mirror. The brushing goals chart can help you get that smile from shiny to extra super-duper shiny.

Every time you brush your teeth, put another sticker on your chart. The yellow sun is for morning brushing, the blue moon sticker is for brushing your teeth before bed and the red apple sticker is for eating healthy afternoon snacks. Mmmm. I love snacks. But quiet ones like apple sauce and string cheese, not the loud ones like chips and apples.

Psst! Did you know brushing your teeth after lunch is a great way to get a bright, healthy smile? And that way you don’t have lunch stuck to your teeth the rest of the day. (Ewww.)

Plus, as you fill it out, you can add all your favorite Tooth Fairy stickers to the calendar. Once you’ve filled out the entire teeth brushing goals chart, give yourself a big, extra-shiny smile! Notice a difference? 

Bonus Game: Cavity Crusher

Who in your household is the best at crushing cavities? Is it you? Your brother or sister? Your mom, dad or guardian? Aunt or uncle? Grandma or grandpa? Your cat? I don’t have a cat but all the cats I know have extra shiny teeth.

This is a game to see who can get the yuckiest plaque off in two minutes. Pick up your toothbrush and toothpaste. Have an impartial judge standing by to witness your brushing technique and how many areas of the mouth you hit — don’t forget to brush the fronts, the tops and the backs of your teeth!

Set a timer for two minutes and ready, set, go! (P.S.  Find more tips for brushing your teeth here!)

Tooth Fairy Door Hanger 

This is an activity for after you’ve lost your tooth. So, if you’re still in the wiggly-tooth stage, go ahead and skip this one.

On your door hanger write your name using your very best handwriting. Then put your Tooth Fairy’s sticker right in the middle. Hang this on your door, tuck your tooth away in its safe spot and go to sleep.

We’ll send that Tooth Fairy right to your door to pick up your lost tooth. If you don’t know who to pick, I’d be honored if you’d pick me. I’ve never once accidentally woken a kid up – and that’s more than I can say for The Loudest Tooth Fairy! 

No-Tooth Picture

This is another activity for after you’ve lost your tooth. One of the coolest things you can do after you lose a tooth is to take a picture to cherish for years to come! After all, it won’t be long until your big, adult tooth comes in; so, take a picture of your gappy grin and show off where that baby tooth used to be. Then put your new picture in its special Tooth Fairy-filled frame. The next the Tooth Fairies (like me!) stop by for a visit, they can see your happy, healthy smile!

For an extra bit of fun, take a picture of your toothless grin holding up your frame and have a family member share it on social. Don’t forget to tag the head Tooth Fairies  @ToothFairyinaBox and use #TheLittlestToothFairy to see other toothless grins from kids near and far!

The Littlest Tooth Fairy Bedtime Book

Learn how one special Tooth Fairy, the Littlest Tooth Fairy, and a determined little girl set out to win the grand prize in The Littlest Tooth Fairy bedtime book! Who knows, maybe their story will inspire you to win the grand prize when you lose your teeth, too!

Download a free copy of The Littlest Tooth Fairy. And, learn more about all the  Tooth Fairy games and activities in Tooth Fairy In A Box here!