Tips for Brushing Teeth for Kids

Tips for Brushing Teeth for Kids

Posted by The Littlest Tooth Fairy on Jan 8th 2020

Tips For Brushing Teeth For Kids

Once your little ones get their first teeth, you enter the wonderful world of children’s dental hygiene. And that world can come with a lot of questions. How do I brush my kid’s teeth? Do I use a normal toothbrush? How do I help promote good dental hygiene when my toddler won’t let me into his mouth? Today, we’re going to answer these questions with three simple tips for brushing your child’s teeth.  

Know how to brush your kids’ teeth.

Brushing kids’ teeth is a lot like brushing your own teeth. Gently brush any teeth they have (even if that’s just one or two teeth) twice a day. If they are old enough to brush their own teeth, make sure to supervise. And don’t forget to floss! Flossing sticks or pre-threaded flossers can make flossing easier for tiny hands (and for the parents of those tiny hands).

Get a good kid’s toothbrush.

Sometimes the key to getting your kids to brush their teeth is by providing them with a good kid’s toothbrush. Since little ones have little mouths, using an adult toothbrush can be a challenge. Find a toothbrush that’s child-sized. Many come in fun colors and can even help your child know how long to keep brushing.

Wondering whether you should get a  manual or an electric toothbrush? Both are appropriate for children. Kids electric toothbrushes can make brushing easier since it has a self-rotating head.

Make brushing teeth fun.

For many children, brushing teeth can be a pain. “You mean I have to do it twice a day, every day ?” If you make the experience fun, you can help them learn to appreciate dental hygiene and be more motivated to keep their teeth clean.

Tooth Fairy in a Box helps you make brushing teeth entertaining. First, it introduces your kids to the Tooth Fairy with the bedtime book, The Littlest Tooth Fairy. Then it encourages kids to create their own Littlest Tooth Fairy story by brushing their teeth to ensure a shiny and clean tooth. They’ll get support from helpful tools like a brushing sticker chart and an electric toothbrush that includes a timer to help them brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes. By making it fun, Tooth Fairy in a Box helps teach your child dental hygiene in a creative way.