How To Get A Loose Tooth Out – Without Pulling It

How To Get A Loose Tooth Out – Without Pulling It

Posted by The Smartest Tooth Fairy on Feb 19th 2020

Harper from the Littlest Tooth Fairy holding her lost tooth

How to Get a Loose Tooth Out -  Without Pulling it

By The Smartest Tooth Fairy

A loose tooth can be exciting, but it can also be scary for little ones. Sometimes, it can feel like it takes forever to fall out. Don’t worry. Learn how to get a loose tooth out with these helpful tips – without resorting to pulling it out in a dramatic fashion.

Give your child something to chew on.

A newly loose tooth can be wiggly and a little painful, causing your child to be a little cautious while eating. Encourage them to chomp down on healthy foods like apples or carrots to help wiggle that tooth right out. Outside of snack and mealtimes, you can bring out an old teething ring to help soothe the pain and get the tooth out.

Continue to encourage your little one to brush their teeth.

Another way to get out a loose tooth without pulling it out is to have your child brush their teeth more often. The bristles of the toothbrush can help ease out a loose tooth and help dull any residual pain. Plus, it helps build good hygiene habits. (Don’t forget to reward your child with a sticker for their tracking chart after they brush their teeth!)

Play the waiting game.

Sometimes, a loose tooth just won’t budge. If that’s the case, just wait it out. It will fall out on its own eventually. Try distracting your child by playing games or getting them excited about the prospect of a visit from the Tooth Fairy by reading The Littlest Tooth Fairy book. Once the tooth finally falls out, they’ll be eagerly awaiting their chance to light up the sky with their bright tooth.

Visit the dentist.

As mentioned above, a loose tooth will eventually find its way out with or without help. However, sometimes the pain involved can be too much for your little one. Your child’s dentist can help if you’d like to remove a loose tooth or pull it out before it’s ready. They’ll make sure it’s removed safely and hygienically. Don’t worry – they’ll also let your child take it home to give to the Tooth Fairy.